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Let’s introduce our baby about the prophets in Islam. Is it too early, mommies?

Babies’ brains are like sponges ya. Don’t be surprised when your baby would tell you simple prophet stories after 4 years! laugh their brain are absorbing everything going on around them. Plus, the book is interactive, MashaAllah!

Why this book is so special?

- it has simple prophet stories
- big and beautiful illustrations
- made of non toxic paper (food grade material)
- comes with puzzle to help in hand-and-eye coordination
- suitable from newborn to 2 y.o

Material : Board Book
Page : 12 pages
Size : 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 1cm
Price : RM45


“PUT YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES IN LAUNDRY BASKET, HANG TOWEL AFTER SHOWER, GO SOLAT!!” repeat this everyday. So tiring, isn’t it? Especially during this hard time; MCO, pdpr etc. We heard you mommies sad


Mommies sometimes got mad because we need to repeat the same thing again and again, everyday laugh


How about we challenge our children to do right things for 21 straight days because Dr Maxwell discovered that things we continuously do for 21 days (minimum) without fail should have become a routine! smiley


Introducing new book by @bebecucu.publication; 21 DAYS TO BE AWESOME! We hope this book could help muslim children to be more discipline, in shaa Allah

See video here #21daystobeawesomebebecucu


You will learn how the Prophet nurtured and trained the children around him by:

• Building emotional security and trust.
• Helping children connect to Islamic beliefs such as Allah, the Hereafter, and the Quran.
• Building positive associations with the worship of Allah.
• Developing good morals and admirable behavior.
• Teaching them how to manage sexual desires as they get older.
• Encouraging them to be social and active members of their community.

  • This board book contains 16 pages
  • Suitable for 2 years old and above
  • Comes with perfect illustration for your little ones to understand (despite they are unable to read yet )
  • Waterproof so mommies can place in your bathroom .



From the publisher of The First Islamic Busy Book in Malaysia (Little Muslim Busy Book)

Now we bring you our second book entitled MY PROPHET MUHAMMAD BUSY BOOK. Alhamdulillah! ❤



Do you know your newborn baby can see only black and white? Later after 4-5 months of life he starts to develop his color vision


☑ Reviewed and approved by scholars – very important
☑ Comes with references from the Quran
☑ To facilitate teaching Muslim children about prophets in Islam. We already summarised the stories for your children to remember easily, for example:

• Prophet Nuh – ark
• Prophet Salih – camel
• Prophet Muhammad – Quran
• Prophet Sulaiman – ant and many more!


Matchy-matchy with your children yay!
Memory foam (very thick and soft)
Anti slip
Size: 130cm x 65cm x 1.5cm (adult size)


This book facilitates your children to learn about Islam in a fun way! Let’s see what our young muslims could learn:

1. Pillars of Islam
2. Pillars of Iman
3. Prayer times
4. Steps of wudhu
5. Islamic months (hijri months)
6. The prophets
7. Prophet Muhammad’s companions
8. Three important mosques in Islam
9. Alif ba ta
10. Arabic number


Buku ini harus dimiliki oleh seluruh umat Islam yang merindui, mencintai dan mengharapkan syafaat Baginda. Buku ini adalah sebahagian kecil usaha untuk kita sama-sama mengenal dan terus kekal rasa cinta kita kepada Rasulullah SAW heart

Click #biografiagungrasulullahbebecucu to watch video.


- kuatkan muscle pada tangan anak-anak
- perlukan skills sebab anak-anak kena separate kan jari-jari; ibu jari, jari telunjuk & jari tengah.. asingkan 3 jari ni dgn jari manis & jari kelingking. Haaa tak senang tau! wink (fine motor skills)
- untuk develop focus & attention
Dan banyaaaak lagi kebaikan guna gunting ni..
Yang paling penting anak-anak dok diam buat projek dia, tak kacau mak-mak laugh
Harga: RM32

Click #latihanmengguntingbebecucu to watch video


Publisher: Goodword

  • Origin: India
  • Suitable age: 3+
  • Fun and child friendly illustrations
  • 319 pages
  • 42 stories
  • Comes with reference from which surah you can find the stories

Why does it important to tell our children about Prophet Yusuf?

Because he had gone through a tough and challenging childhood, but yet he managed to be one of the leaders in Egypt, masha-Allah!

Let our children discover how Prophet Yusuf dealt with hardship so that they know that Allah is testing each one of His slaves, but who bear with patience and have faith in Allah, are those who succeed.

Lessons children will learn from Prophet Yusuf story:

1. Patience – waited for a long time to meet his father, only be reunited when he was an adult

2. Faith – he preferred to be in jail rather than committing sins

3. Forgiveness – he forgave his brothers for their misdeeds towards him

4. Resilience – with every hardship he had, he continued to stay on the right path

5. Self-awareness – he knew his strength and weakness

There are THREE activities:
1. Solving the puzzle
– Increase thinking skills
– Increase fine motor skills

2. Solving a maze
– Develop problem-solving skills
– Increase focus

3. Playing with clay
– Develop creativity and imagination
– Strengthen fingers that will help in writing skills development