Why does it important to tell our children about Prophet Yusuf?

Because he had gone through a tough and challenging childhood, but yet he managed to be one of the leaders in Egypt, masha-Allah!

Let our children discover how Prophet Yusuf dealt with hardship so that they know that Allah is testing each one of His slaves, but who bear with patience and have faith in Allah, are those who succeed.

Lessons children will learn from Prophet Yusuf story:

• Patience – waited for a long time to meet his father, only be reunited when he was an adult

• Faith – he preferred to be in jail rather than committing sins

• Forgiveness – he forgave his brothers for their misdeeds towards him
Resilience – with every hardship he had, he continued to stay on the right path

• Self-awareness – he knew his strength and weakness

There are THREE activities:

1. Solving the puzzle
– Increase thinking skills
– Increase fine motor skills

2. Solving a maze
– Develop problem-solving skills
– Increase focus

3. Playing with clay
– Develop creativity and imagination
– Strengthen fingers that will help in writing skills development

This set comes with:

– 26 pages wipe-and clean material busy book (A4 size)
– custom box
– 5 colors of clay
– a dry erase marker pen
– puzzles