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Faatimah & Ahmed – An Extraordinary Journey

RM 19.00
A perfect storybook to read to your 2-10 y.o children, to help them understand this special event in Islam.


Because 27th Rejab is coming in 3 weeks, we bring you Faatimah & Ahmed new series yay! A beautiful storyline indeed! Starting with what is Al-Buraq, who Prophet Muhammad SAW met in every heavens (mashaAllah), 50x prayers reduced to 5x and many more ❤️ .

Read synopsis here :
“Faatimah and Ahmed are watching the lightning during a storm. There is an animal that is named after the Arabic word for lightning - Al Buraq. Faatimah wants to know more about it! Do you? Join Faatimah and Ahmed as they discover more about Buraaq, and the extraordinary journey Prophet Muhammad SAW went on”

- Colorful pages
- Fun illustrations
- 28 pages
- Soft bound book