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Combo Storybook for Children

RM 115.00

Combo Storybook for Children
This enchantingly illustrated board book, delightfully introduces to the children the inspiring story of the Prophet's. Introduces to the children the greatest stories from the Quran and lessons to be learn from them.
- The Story Of Prophet Adam
- The Ark Of Nuh
- The Story Of Prophet Hud
- The Story Of Prophet Salih
- Prophet Ibrahim's Search For Allah

- The Adventures Of Prophet Yusuf
- The Story Of Prophet Ayyub
- Prophet Sulayman And The Queen Of Saba
- The Story Of Prophet Yunus
- Quran Stories For Toddlers
- Colorful pages
- Fun illustrations
- Each book has 22 pages
- Suitable for newborn and above

Purchase ALL 5 books at only RM115.
Normal price RM125 ( RM25 each)