The Path of the Prophets


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The Path of the Prophets combines over 200 elements to detail over 70 stories from the lives of the Prophets all into one amazing image.

The Path of the Prophets is arguably one of our most creative works and we feel comfortable saying you’ve probably never seen anything like this before. Here’s why:

– It’s an all-in-one story image that sticks in your child’s mind as it is visually engaging which helps them remember the Prophets in a fun way.

– Each Prophet’s name along the path has images relating to highlights from their story so your child builds an immediate mental association for better long-term memory.

– There is a pathway that helps your child learn the order in which the Prophets were sent.

– There are subtle details in the images which reveal hidden relationships between the Prophets for the more advanced children.

– The set comes with a map guide that walks you through the stories illustrated along the path of discovery.

– There are special pieces in the shape of different objects, making the puzzle more engaging.

-The Path of the Prophets is a large floor puzzle, measuring 68cm x 48cm with 178 pieces ensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child aged 8-11 to complete. It is also easy to handle and the pieces are not small assuring that the pieces will not get lost.

– The puzzle comes in a sturdy box that’s highly durable for safekeeping and storage.

– The puzzle pieces are made from specialist puzzle boards used in high-quality products from word-class puzzle makers.

– The fact that this is a puzzle, guarantees that your child is more likely to learn about the Prophets in a much more engaging and fun way.

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