My Ramadhan Checklist


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Are you ready for Ramadhan? Tell your children about Ramadhan 2 weeks prior, to prepare their mindset. Why do Muslims fast in Ramadan? We help you to explain this to your children mommies, it’s in the first page of the book
This checklist has:
8 pages
300 stickers
Glossy material
We prepare daily checklist too! To encourage children to pray, fast and do good deeds. As they sticking the stickers, they’ll see what they have done throughout the day and they’ll improve day by day in shaa Allah!

– Encourage your children to fast, pray and do good deeds during this holy month.

– By sticking the stickers, it will facilitate your children to see what they have done throughout the day and see their improvement day by day.

– Playing with stickers requires careful handling and helps to increase focus!

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