Kaabah Bricks Set


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The first Kaabah bricks. Designed and produced in Malaysia!

Know the Kaabah and its parts!

1. Hajarul Aswad

2. Maqam Ibrahim

3. Hijr Ismail

4. Yemeni Corner

5. Syami Corner

6. Iraqi Corner

7. The Door

8. Al-Mizab


At the same time, children will learn about the life story of Prophet Ibrahim, who built the Kaabah, with FREE colorful story and fun activity book that comes in this set
This bricks set is worth to have for every muslim children as the bricks can transform into 8 animals in the Quran too!
What animals your children will be able to build:

1. Spider (Al-Ankabut:41-43)
2. Bee (An-Nahl:69)
3. Elephant (Al-Fiil:1-5)
4. Ant (An-Naml:18-19)
5. Wolf (Yusuf: 17)
6. Whale (Al-Anbiya:87)
7. Snake (Al-A’raf:109-126)
8. Camel (Hud:64)
You may build the bricks and read the story with your children. It’s your bonding time!
Manual guide provided

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