There are THREE activities for children to explore:

• Solving the puzzle (fine motor skills development)
• Playing with cotton balls (sensory skills)
• Connecting the dots (increase focus while learning ABC, 123 and alif ba ta)
Kids understand better with interesting hands-on activities. Children learn as they play. Therefore, easier for us to teach SUNNAH and MIRACLES that happened during Prophet Muhammad’s lifetime with engaging activities. With My Prophet Muhammad Busy Book, children will learn about:

1. To write Muhammad in arabic
2. Sunnah of beard
3. Hijab
4. First revelation
5. Miracle: Sheep
6. Miracle: Cloud
7. Miracle: The moon split
8. Isra’ Mi’raj
9. Right before left
10. Sadaqah
11. Sunnah food
12. Last sermon

What you’ll receive:
• A custom box
• 32 pages busy book
• Puzzle pieces
• A dry-erase marker
• Cotton balls
Instill the love of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in the heart of a child, from their early age.
Price: RM59