21 Days To Be Awesome
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“PUT YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES IN LAUNDRY BASKET, HANG TOWEL AFTER SHOWER, GO SOLAT!!” repeat this everyday. So tiring, isn’t it? Especially during this hard time; MCO, pdpr etc. We heard you mommies sad


Mommies sometimes got mad because we need to repeat the same thing again and again, everyday laugh


How about we challenge our children to do right things for 21 straight days because Dr Maxwell discovered that things we continuously do for 21 days (minimum) without fail should have become a routine! smiley


Introducing new book by @bebecucu.publication; 21 DAYS TO BE AWESOME! We hope this book could help muslim children to be more discipline, in shaa Allah

See video here #21daystobeawesomebebecucu

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